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Sonnets of the Witchitaese

So, to continue my run of Kansas poems, here’s one writte for my friends Jaq and Joe, who got married to each other, and live in Wichita.  It’s a sonnet in the Shakesperian style, and it is deep and meaningful.


Fields of your love stroke highways of my heart,

I’ll ne’er leave you cause Carl’s only twelve,

That DNA test assured we’d never part,

And my ambition and my passions I would shelve.

Bright street light, oh, please do not think me cold,

Yer love my central heating, my Carhearts,

We’ll wear to the mall until us both are old,

Eat Denny’s until one of us departs

Remember, girl when we was only young,

You gladly bought me meth and them truck nuts

And on the fambly Christmas tree we hung

Popcorn and that neighbor’s cat named Gus

I told you I would give the world and all

And, baby, I done gave you Wichita.


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