Facebook Friend Series #3/689 –David T

At my current rate, this Facebook friend project will be done in 2200.  Today’s winner –David T!

(Please note last names are still being truncated to protect the possibly respectable.)

Possible Bumper Stickers for David T’s car, assuming he has a car, and would put bumper stickers on it, which is highly unlikely, but there you go.

Don’t like my driving?  It’s okay.  Really.  Neither do I.  I’m deeply concerned about it, and have considered doing something, but I haven’t really worked out what that is yet.  So trust me, you’re in good company.

My other car could be anything.  Anything.

Those who can do, but don’t really like to much, and have a slight aversion to commitment, but sort of want to make a difference, at some point, supply teach.

The Ladder of Your Mum

Ask me about my Swiss Ball

When life gives you lemons, punch life in the balls.  Then cut life, and squeeze lemon juice into the wound.  How do you like me now, Life?  How do you like me now!

I am the funniest fucking Jew in Cambridge.  The other one sucks.

I brake for the elderly.  Then reverse.  Then run over them again.

Honk if you love making noise for no apparent reason!

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